show Animation

Show a pixel animation on the pixel ring for some amount of time.

light.showAnimation(null, 500)

You have several animations to choose from. Pick the one you want and decide how long you want the animation to play for.

If your program is showing another animation right now, this animation is set to show later and your program continues right away. If there are no other animations ready to show, then your program will show this one and wait for it to finish.


  • animation: a built-in light animation to show on the pixels.
    • comet: a shooting burst of light
    • rainbow: many colors pulsing around
    • sparkle: bright lights flashing all over
    • running lights: a sequence of lights moving
    • theater chase: theater lights moving along
    • color wipe: a wave of color
  • duration: the amount of time to run the animation, in milliseconds.


Show me a comet

Show the comet aninmation for 2 seconds when the A button is pressed.

input.buttonA.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Click, function() {
    light.showAnimation(light.cometAnimation, 2000);

Do two animations

Show the rainbow aninmation for 6 seconds when the A button is pressed. If button B is pressed, try to show the sparkle animation for 2 seconds. You’ll notice that the sparkle animation has to wait for rainbow to finish.

input.buttonA.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Click, function() {
    light.showAnimation(light.rainbowAnimation, 6000);

input.buttonB.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Click, function() {
    light.showAnimation(light.sparkleAnimation, 2000);

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