Wearable NeoPixels

Get into fashion with wearable NeoPixels on your clothes using your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express!


The time required will vary greatly depending upon the scope of the project, the spacing of the NeoPixels, and the experience of the maker. The skirt in the example took about six hours to make.

Skills gained

Sewing, wiring, various coding opportunities

Academic Tie-in Ideas

  • Drama: costumes that light up might work well for certain plays. Be sure to test the visibility of the NeoPixels under the theater lighting conditions expected during the performance.
  • Literature: make a garment whose lights symbolize something about a character.


  • Flora NeoPixels
  • Conductive 2 or 3-ply thread
  • Normal sewing thread
  • Small needle
  • Scissors
  • Skirt or other garment of choice. The skirt in the example has tulle on the outer layers, which is great for diffusing the NeoPixels’ light.
  • Clear nail polish


  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric pen or tailor’s chalk



Project contributed by Rob Morrill.

Let’s get started!