Fabric friend

Create a new friend by sewing up a fabric figure and attaching NeoPixels.

Creating a stuffed critter of some kind is a great fabric arts project that is suitable for beginners (who have patience!) on up. Once you have sewn the Fabric Friend, you can find a variety of fun and challenging ways to code it to respond to the world.


The time required will vary depending upon the complexity of the creation and the skill level of the creators. Two hours is probably a bare minimum to create a creature.

Skills gained

Sewing, coding with variables, conditionals and logic

Academic Tie-in Ideas

  • Science: create friends that are cells, fungi, planets, or other curriculum-related entities.
  • History: make an object from the past.
  • Literature: make an object that’s important to the plot or symbolism of a story.


  • Flora NeoPixels
  • Conductive 2 or 3-ply thread
  • Normal sewing thread
  • Small needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric of choice. Felt works well and is easier to work with.
  • Stuffing material, like fiber fill
  • Clear nail polish
  • Alligator clip wires


  • Fabric scissors (helpful!)
  • Embroidery thread (for additional embellishment)
  • Fabric glue (to hold NeoPixels down for sewing)
  • Fabric pen or tailor’s chalk



Project contributed by Rob Morrill.

Let’s get started!