Loudness Necklace

Step 1

Drag a ||light:graph|| block from the ||light:LIGHT|| toolbox category into the ||loops:forever|| block.

The ||light:graph|| block turns on the lights based on the first number.

forever(function () {
    light.graph(0, 0)

Step 2

Pull out a ||input:sound level|| block and put it in the first hole of ||light:graph|| to show lights based on the sound level.

forever(function () {
    light.graph(input.soundLevel(), 0)

Step 3

Click on the (+) symbol in ||light:graph|| and set the new value you see to the maximum sound level, which is 255.

The ||light:graph|| block automatically sets how many lights turn on based on the first value which is ||input:sound level||. If you provide a second number though, it knows the maximum possible value and does a better job graphing.

forever(function () {
    light.graph(input.soundLevel(), 255)

Step 4

Click |Download| to transfer your code to the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. Try singing and see the lights changing.

Step 5

Awesome! Find a necklace and attach the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to it. You’ll be showing lights whenever you talk!

light when loud