set Light Threshold

Tell how bright or dark it should be to make a light event happen.

input.setLightThreshold(LightCondition.Dark, 0)

The ||input:on light condition changed|| event will start when the light condition reaches a certain brightness. You decide if you want the event to happen when light is getting brighter or getting darker. This is set by choosing bright or dark for condition in ||input:set light threshold||. Also, you say what level of brightness makes the event happen as light gets brighter or darker.


  • conditon: the light condition you are checking for, either dark or bright.
  • value: a number which is the brightness value that will make a light event happen. This is a number between 0 (completely dark) and 255 (very bright).


Set a light condition for when light goes from bright to half dark. Make the pixels fade to half red when that happens.

const halfBright = 127;
let pixels = light.createStrip();

input.setLightThreshold(LightCondition.Dark, halfBright);
input.onLightConditionChanged(LightCondition.Dark, () => {
    pixels.setAll(light.fade(light.rgb(255, 0, 0), halfBright));

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