on Light Condition Changed

Run some code when the light conditions change.

input.onLightConditionChanged(LightCondition.Dark, function() {

What decides that the light condition is dark or bright? A number between 0 and 255 is set for both of these light level conditions. These light level values decide which condition means dark and which condition means bright. They are set by the ||input:set light threshold|| function.


  • condition: the lighting condition to detect
    • dark: Dark, no light detected
    • bright: Light is bright enough to detect
  • handler: code to run when light conditions change


Dim the red pixels to half intensity when light conditions turn dark.

input.onLightConditionChanged(LightCondition.Dark, function() {
    light.createStrip().setAll(light.fade(light.rgb(255, 0, 0), 128))

See also

light level, set light threshold