set Photon Hue

Change the color hue of the photon on the pixel strip.


The photon effect is a pulse of bright light moving through a strip of colored pixels. You can change the color of the photon to whatever you want.

The color is a hue and not an RGB number. This means that red light is 0 and red light is also 255. All the other colors are between 0 and 255. Color begins at red and ends up back at red.

One way to think about hue is that all the color numbers for hue are arranged on a wheel or circle. The values start at red and change to other colors as you go around the wheel. Moving along the outside edge of the wheel, the values increase until you finally reach red again.


  • hue: a number from 0 (red light) to 255 (red light again) for the hue of the color you want.

    Some standard numbers for hue are:

    • red - 0
    • orange - 29
    • yellow - 43
    • green - 86
    • aqua - 125
    • blue - 170
    • purple - 191
    • magenta - 213
    • pink - 234
    • red - 255

The hue value for a color is not the same as an RGB color value. Don’t use an RGB number or the ||light:rgb|| block for hue.


Pulse an rainbow photon forward and backward across the pixel ring.

let hue = 0;

forever(function() {
    for (let i = 0; i < light.onboardStrip().length(); i++) {
    hue = hue + 1;

See also

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