Fade a color by an amount of brightness.

light.fade(128, 128);

The amount of brightness you fade the color to goes from 0 (totally dark, no color left) to 255 (all of the current color, no change in brightness). Somewhere in between those two numbers is the shade that you want the color faded to.


  • color: a number that is the RGB color that will get faded, like: 0x0000ff
  • brightness: a number between 0 (totally dark) and 255 (full brightness, no fading at all)


  • a number that is the RGB value for the faded color.


Fade the green light of the the pixels to half brightness when the A button is pressed. The number 128 is just about one-half of full brightness (255).

let strip = light.createStrip()
input.buttonA.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Click, () => {
    strip.setAll(light.fade(0x00ff00, 128))