create Strip

Create a controller for a programmable LED strip.


When you connect a pixel strip to your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, you have to give your program a way to work with it. You tell your program that there is a pixel strip you want to use with ||create strip||.

To use ||create strip||, you need to know which pin the strip is attached to and how many pixels (LEDs) are on the strip. Also, some pixel strips have different types LEDs. If you know the exact type, you can set it in the pixel mode.


  • pin: DigitalInOutPin, the pin where the neopixel strip is connected.
  • numleds: the number of LEDs in the strip, such as: 10, 30, 60, or 64.


  • a new NeoPixelStrip controller for the neopixels on a strip connected to the board.


Connect a pixel strip to the pin A1. Make all pixels light up green.

const strip = light.createStrip(pins.A1, 10);

See Also

||range||, ||set mode||