Making the Magic Wand

Make the Magic wand for your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Duration: ~30 minutes


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Markers and/or paint
  • Tape (masking, duct tape, and/or packing tape)
  • A Wooden craft stick / paint stirrer stick
  • Stickers or other art supplies

Materials: pipe cleaners, markers, tape, wooden craft stick, stickers

Step 1: Stickers!

Use a wooden craft stick or paint stirrer as the base of the magic wand.

Add stickers or other craft materials and decorate your wand.

Stick 1.1

Stick 1.2

Stick 1.3

Step 2: Color in your stick

Use markers and/or paint to personalize your magic wand.

Don’t forget to decorate the back of your wand.

Decorate 2.1

Decorate 2.2

Step 3: Add pipe cleaners

Place a group of pipe cleaners over the craft stick and use some tape to attach them to the bottom of the stick.

Pipe cleaners 3.1

Step 4: Attach your board

Use a small piece of tape and roll it inside out so that the sticky side is on the outside.

Place the tape at the top of the wooden stick and use it to stick the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express onto your magic wand.

Attach the board 4.1

Attach the board 4.2

Attach the board 4.3


Make sure the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express is placed so that the battery connector is at the top, and the USB connector is at the bottom. This is necessary to connect the battery pack later.

Step 5: Add a battery pack

Connect the battery pack to the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

Cut a piece of tape to attach the battery pack to the back of the magic wand. Place it around the middle of the stick so there’s enough room for the cable to reach the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

Battery pack 5.1

Battery pack 5.2

Battery pack 5.3

Battery pack 5.4

Battery pack 5.5


Congratulations! You have completed the magic wand make challenge.

Ready to do some coding? OK, good…connect the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to your computer to get started.

Connect your computer

NEXT: Start coding!