Making the Headlamp

Make a headlamp out of your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Duration: ~15 minutes


  • 1 rubber band
  • Tape (masking, duct tape, and/or packing tape)
  • 1 Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, battery holder and 3 AAA batteries
  • Scissors

Materials: rubber band, tape, scissors

Step 1: Prepare the rubber band

We will use a rubber band to allow the headband to stretch a little.

Take a small piece of tape (2-3 inches long) and cut it in half along its length, so that you end up with two narrow pieces.

Rubber band 1.1

Fold one of the pieces onto itself around the rubber band.

Rubber band 1.2

Rubber band 1.3

Do the same thing with the second piece of tape, at the opposite end of the rubber band.

Rubber band 1.4

Step 2: Complete the headband

Cut a long piece of tape. This will go around your head so make sure it’s long enough - the distance around of your head is longer than you think! The piece of tape in the picture below is a little too short, but it gives you the idea for cutting the headband.

Headband 2.1

Turn the piece of tape around so that the sticky side is facing you. Take the rubber band and stick one of the folded pieces of tape to the edge of that longer piece of tape, your headband.

Headband 2.2

Fold your long piece of tape onto itself along its length to make a long, thin headband. But wait! Do not fold it all the way just yet - stop about halfway to leave the other edge open.

Headband 2.3

Headband 2.4

Ok, let’s finish the headband. Grab the folded piece of tape on the rubber band that is still free. Stick it onto the other edge of the headband. This is a little bit tricky, but you can do it!

Headband 2.5

Headband 2.6

Once that is done, fold the rest of the headband onto itself.

Headband 2.7

Step 3: Attach the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and the battery holder

Take a small piece of tape and fold it over on itself with the sticky side out.

Lamp 3.1

Stick the small piece of tape to the bottom face of your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

Lamp 3.2

Next, stick your Adafruit Circuit Playground Express on the front part of the headband that is opposite of the rubber band.

Lamp 3.3

Finally, hook the battery pack on one side of the headband.

Lamp 3.4


Congratulations! You have completed the headlamp make challenge. You have a bright future ahead!


Ready to do some coding? Good!…connect the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to your computer to get started.

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