Public assignments

This page describes how public assignments are managed via GitHub. Each assignment is a public repository under the student’s account.

Let’s illustrate the actions for a homework assignment.

Step 1: Students create a new public repository

From the MakeCode editor, the student creates a public repository for the assignment that will be hosted under their account. All students should name the repository using the same name as the assignment (e.g. “homework” in this example).

Step 2: Student change, commit, push cycle

It’s time to work! Students do their work and use the commit & push button to save it. It is a good idea to encourage them to commit whenever they feel they have made progress and to provide a meaningful description of the changes made.

Step 3: Teacher reviews the commit history

The teacher can use the MakeCode GitHub Explorer to easily browse the repositories of a user. If needed, the teacher can also review the entire history of the project on GitHub.