Mono Repo

This is a recent feature that is not yet available in released editors.

It is possible to store multiple MakeCode nested extensions in the same GitHub repository. If you have very large packages, or too many of them, you might want to consider using this solution.

How it works

A MakeCode extension in a GitHub repository have any number of nested extensions in subfolders. Having a top-level extension is required.

The file structure of an extension containing 2 sub-extensions, button and slider might appear as follows:

/pxt.json // the main extension, can be a dummy file

How to create a new nested extension?

First create a top level GitHub project using MakeCode. Once this is done, it is easy to add new nested repositories:

On the home screen,

MakeCode will generate a nested project for you.

How to reference a nested extension?

You can add the nested extension through the Add Extension dialog by adding the folder path to the repo url:

The reference syntax in pxt.json will look similar to existing github references, with the added path:

    "dependencies": {
        "button": "github:contoso/ui/button",