Table of Contents


General Reference


  1. Crown – everyone can be a king or queen with this electronic crown project
  2. Light Box – create a light and shadow box with artistic illustrations using a simple shoebox
  3. Music Maker – with some copper tape and cardboard, you can create your very own music making machine
  4. Board Games – create cardboard games using the Circuit Playground as dice, score keeper or a random color picker
  5. Balance Board – create a balance board game using the Circuit Playground Express to measure angles
  6. Helmet – create a bike helmet prototype with cardboard and NeoPixel strips
  7. Fabric Friend – create an electronic stuffed animal using conductive thread and NeoPixels
  8. Marble Run – use servo motors to move your marble from chute to chute as it makes its way through a cardboard marble run
  9. Servo Box – use servo motors to move figures on top of a shoebox in a scene you create from a book or science project
  10. Question Box – use a servo motor and copper tape to create a question box that only opens when the correct question is answered
  11. Gondola – create a transport vehicle across your classroom using a continuous servo motor
  12. Light Bot – using continuous servo motors create a little moving robot that responds to light input